Made from a unique combination of materials and technology including the body cooling material Sportswool and our special Arctic Heat Gel, the cooling vest will keep your body cool for long sustained periods helping prolong elite performance. The Arctic Heat Cooling Vest can drop skin temperature by up to 17 degrees Celcius - lowering your heart rate, reducing fluid loss and helping you to achieve at your maximum The Vest is scientifically tested, used by many leading sporting Organizations worldwide and also many industrial, military and medical applications * Skin temperature decreases rapidly once the cooling Vest is applied even when used over clothing, skin temperature reduction can be as much as 12 degrees celcius * Less total cardiac output is directed towards the skin allowing more blood to be directed towards active muscle * Arctic Cooling Vests serve to conserve fluids which would normally have been lost in the form of sweat * Delay the onset of dehydration and performance decrement * The Vest are dual purpose, offering both COLD and HOT Application
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